What To Do With Kids’ Toys – Brasselton, GA

Recently I was asked to help out a couple that had a garage full of children’s toys all over the garage floor. They also needed help on where to store all of the soccer balls, footballs and baseballs their children used. Bridget and Joel were running over their kid’s toys as they entered the garage with their car and needed a solution.

I showed them the Monkey Bars Garage StorageSystem which would help organize all of the toys and get them off of the floor. With a simple solution, we installed Monkey Bars Shelving on several walls near the garage entrance into the home. We hung up the toys on dedicated monkey bars and hooks, put items on top of the shelves as well as installed a drop down shelf so that all shoes were now neatly put on shelve instead of the floor.

Our homeowners were delighted that we helped them solve their problem with Monkey Bars. Now everything is off the floor and organized as never before!

Doug Calvert is the Owner of Atlanta Garage Solutions Atlanta, GA. He can be reached at atlantamonkeybars@gmail.com