Overhead Garage Storage in Acworth

A recent customer needed help storing all of their Christmas items. Grant and Shannon’s home featured some of the neighborhoods most outstanding decorations and now, they needed a place to store everything.

I was amazed at what they needed to store and we had the perfect solutions. Strong Racks Overhead Storage Systems would allow the homeowners to store all of their items directly over the garage door. What Shannon loved was that none of her neighbors would be able to see their items which now hang conveniently over the cars and the garage door-once opened.

Three 4×8 systems were installed and the homeowners could not have been happier. In fact, here is what they said about their new garage storage systems from Garage Solutions Atlanta.

Amazing Transformation 
“There is just no competition with Garage Solutions Atlanta. There is NOT another system out there like this. The installation was very precise and they were very conscientious. Amazing product and service and we will recommend to everyone.” – Grant & Shannon, Acworth, GA

Doug Calvert is the Owner of Atlanta Garage Solutions Atlanta, GA. He can be reached at atlantamonkeybars@gmail.com