Atlanta Home Improvement Article

We’ve got another feature on our hands! Recently featured in an Atlanta Home Improvement article, it’s obvious that Atlanta has been exceptionally interested in what we can offer along the lines of garage organization. “Geared Up Garages” have become the new goal, instead of your generic space to park a car and stuff some storage. We can help you take it to a new level of organization by updating your floors, cabinets, and shelving. Not only do our systems look great, but they make your life a whole lot easier.

Karon Warren did an exceptional job describing the customer needs and how we meet those needs. Here’s a little excerpt from the article itself:

“After the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom are renovated, garages are “the last bastion where homeowners turn their focus,” says Doug Calvert of Garage Solutions Atlanta. “They want a better living environment for the garage. They are wanting to create a living, working space in the garage.”

Calvert says his recent projects include the installation of floors and custom cabinets, which allows room for workspaces. “People really are wanting, finally, to use their garage space effectively,” he says. “They are turning to companies like ours to do this.”

Check out the rest of the article and share among your friends. They’ll be thanking you while admiring the work that Garage Solutions Atlanta has done for them!

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